Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Clever Fox Planner Flip Through + Giveaway!

Hello friends! Today I'm sharing a new planner I've been using. When Clever Fox Planner sent me an email asking if I'd like to review their planner, I went to their website and started looking at the different ones they had. When I started looking at the Weekly Planner, I knew it would be perfect for what I use a planner for. While my planner at the time was super cute, it just wasn't functioning for me. I had tried Bullet Journaling before and loved all the different trackers but HATED creating the layouts each month and week in order to do so. It was so tedious and I found myself NEVER planning. I was excited to try  the Clever Fox Weekly Planner because it seemed to be the both of best worlds for me!

 I love the monthly layout. It's sized perfectly to fit my favorite planner stamps from The Greeting Farm. I also like that there is a place to make small notes as well as goals for the month. Another neat feature is a place to look back on the month to see what worked and what you need to improve on.

After all the monthly layouts, you come to the weekly layout. You have the full week on the left with a horizontal layout to write your lists and appointments. Then on the right, it's all about your goals as well as a place for notes. My favorite part is the Habit/Skills tracker! I have always loved this part of Bullet Journaling but hate coming up with my own trackers. LOL This is by far my favorite part of this planner! While I wish there was more room on the days, I've found I can create columns within that space on days when there is lots to do! Again you have a place to look back on the week and document your wins as well as a place to brainstorm how to improve for the next week.

After all the weekly spreads there is a section of dot grid paper for taking notes, creating custom trackers, etc. I used it to test my pens to see which ones bleed - this paper is really good in that I only had a bit of ghosting with the Microperm pen but that was it.

I also used this place to test my black ink pads since I love using stamps in my journal. This helped me figure out which ink pad to use when I decorate my monthly spreads. Again the paper really held up here as the only one that had a little bit of ghosting was my Versafine Claire Nocturne ink pad.

I am super excited about continuing to use this planner. It really fits my needs and has all the things I love about planning. I didn't take pictures but the first few pages of this planner also includes a place to make goals, list gratitude and affirmations as well as mapping out how to achieve your goals - even a two page spread for a Vision Board! Be sure to check out the Clever Fox Planning website this week to take advantage of their 15% off Black Friday special as well as check out their new Premium Weekly Planner with more room, pages to write out goals and pretty new stickers! I also love their new Cash Envelopes Budget System!! As someone who has been debt free since 2013 because of Dave Ramsey, I totally LOVE that they have this!

Clever Fox Planner is graciously giving away one planner to a lucky person to go along with my review! To find out all the details and enter the giveaway, be sure to head over to my YouTube channel. Watch the entire flip through including the pages I mentioned here in the front of the journal, then leave your comment ON the video to be entered (not here on the blog.) 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 

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