Sunday, May 19, 2019

Totally-Tiffany Stash and Store Storage System Review

Hi everyone! I recently joined the Totally-Tiffany Blogging Troop and I finally have my first review ready after weeks of stalling. Organizing is NOT my strong suit which is why I am super excited to be part of this team. My craft room is a hodge podge of different things I currently use for storage and it took me quite awhile to figure out what exactly would work for the things I didn't have the best system for. I finally narrowed it down to the Stash & Store Craft Supply Organizers. I picked 2 of the 7 Drawer Craft Supply Organizers and 1 of the 5 Drawer Craft Supply Organizer. I absolutely LOVE the 7 Drawer for storing all my alcohol inks, smaller watercolor inks as well as sprays and Copic Reinkers. The 5 Drawer system didn't work for me but my daughter took it for her fairy doll supplies and it works beautifully for her! These fit perfectly in many of the cube style shelving units. 

I didn't mention it in the video but these boxes come pre assembled which is awesome. I thought I was going to have to do some assembly but nope! They also have cardboard dividers which you see in the video separating different products and keeping them in place while in store. You can find the direct dimensions using the links I provided above. They are made from a very heavy, sturdy cardboard (for lack of a better description...), it isn't made from plastic or wood making them very lightweight but sturdy.

To see more how I use them in my craft room, check out the video!

Do you currently use Totally-Tiffany for any of your storage needs? 

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