Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Watercolor Wednesday: Floral Bouquet

Hi everyone! I'm bringing back my Watercolor Wednesday videos. I've been watercoloring since I got my first set of watercolor markers in 2014 about 6 months after my 4th child was born. I feel like I should be better with this medium I love so much by now so it's time to practice more. I will be sharing this practice with you each wednesday with short, simple videos on my YouTube Channel with little or no voice over. I don't feel like I can properly explain my process when I'm still very much learning it myself! I hope you will still enjoy these videos though and like, share and subscribe when you do!

Close Ups: 

I have started including affiliate links for all the supplies used in my videos here. Using the links when you see something you like helps me with a teeny tiny kickback without changing the price for you at all. It's an easy way for you to support my art and my channel. Thank you so much!

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