Monday, April 22, 2019

Mixed Media Monday: Let's explore alcohol inks!

Hi everyone! I'm back with a Mixed Media Monday video today on my YouTube channel! I did a little organization and cleaning this weekend and came across a bunch of old alcohol inks I had in my stash. I also added a couple more from Brea Reese and couldn't stop thinking about creating with this medium so I finally made some time to do just that. Here are the results of this experimentation!

I absolutely love the vibrancy of alcohol inks first of all and the texture that it creates using my paintbrush was beautifully unexpected. While I love the stunning abstract paintings using alcohol inks, I really want to experiment further into more floral paintings eventually. For now, I was just introducing myself to this medium and getting familiar. I worked on different surfaces like a bathroom tile I picked up (years ago) at Goodwill plus some Yupo paper which takes alcohol inks beautifully and is considered the "good stuff" when it comes to paper for alcohol ink paintings. 

The best place I've found to start playing and getting to know this medium without fear of messing up or expectations is to use a white (bathroom or kitchen) tile like this one. Alcohol inks work best doing their thing on non porous surfaces. These are great because if you mess up, grab some Isopropyl Alcohol and it will just wipe right off giving you a new clean slate to start practicing again. I couldn't  bring myself to do that though because I fell in love with the way it turned out even though it was nothing like I had set out to do! Happy accidents always!

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