Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sketching and Watercoloring a Peacock

Last month, I tried to follow the Doodlewash watercolor challenge prompts..actually it was in JANUARY! oh my, I just realized, hello, it's March...anyway, I digress...ok, so I try to follow their prompts and failed miserably - made it about 5 days. LOL This peacock was one of those days...I filmed it and really wasn't proud of it but I thought it would be ok to share because I'm not perfect, I'm still learning this beautiful medium I love so much and I did learn something valuable lessons during this session that I want to share:

1. This 4x4 field journal has watercolor paper in it but not both sides of the paper accept water and pigment the same. So in a two page spread like this, you can really see the difference between the left and right hand sides.

2. Using a water soluble graphite pencil you lose the lines fairly quickly - which I did want when I went into it but I didn't realize how much I'd lose right away making the painting even more difficult.

3. Sometimes it's ok to do wet on dry. I love wet on wet and I tried to do this entire painting wet on wet which turned to mud in a lot of places. I've since learned to love the process of glazing.

Let me know what you think about this type of video. I'd love to share more videos this year and not having to do a full voice over would help me be able to get more of these types of videos out to you but I'd love to hear from you. 

I have started including affiliate links for all the supplies used in my videos here. Using the links when you see something you like helps me with a teeny tiny kickback without changing the price for you at all. It's an easy way for you to support my art and my channel. Thank you so much!


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