Monday, May 7, 2018

Mixed Media Monday: Crash My Stash Jane Davenport Edition

Welcome to another Mixed Media Monday. For today's video, I drew inspiration from the Our Mixed Media Moods mood board. I'm actually testing out a series idea I have to bring another mixed media video to you guys on Saturdays. I'm calling it Crash My Stash. The stash I crashed today was allllllll this Jane Davenport Mixed Media stuff I had never used specifically her paints and collage paper, gess-oh and matte medium along with her journal that I have barely used. I didn't have time to get it together for this past Saturday so I hopped on Facebook live to kinda talk about my idea and create in my art journal since it had been awhile and I was feeling it...I mean by that is, getting grumpy and irritable which tends to be the effect when I don't make the time to create. I tried to film this normally as I was live but it was a mess as I would forget to turn the camera on or off and then the battery died before I was even finished! Thankfully, I was able to download the footage from my phone and just added it in so I hope you don't mind the different odd and backward angles for parts of this video.

Going forward, I'd like to do a Crash My Stash video every other Saturday with the idea that I pull out little or never used art supplies to create with in my art journals. Maybe some of you can relate, we get all excited to buy new art supplies and then they just SIT there unused in our craft rooms!? (or maybe that's just me. haha) So, I have had all this Jane Davenport Mixed Media stuff just sitting there over a year unused - while I've used her watercolors tons, the paints and other things I bought not so much. It was time to break them out and I think this series will do the same for other unused or little used supplies I have hanging around! ;) Because what good is paint if we don't use actually CAN go bad...ask me how I know. LOL

Here is the video or you can head over to my YouTube Channel to subscribe and watch to process!

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