Friday, May 18, 2018

Art Journaling YouTube Hop - Fragments of the Soul

Hi Everyone! I'm super excited to be part of this amazing Art Journaling YouTube hop! It's always so fun and exciting to share with you my process, read your comments and giveaway some fantastic prizes from incredible sponsors! A huge thank you to Keren Tamir for organizing and inviting me to participate in this hop!

You can view the video here or best go to my YouTube Channel where you can subscribe and see the rest of the artist videos!

Enjoy some close ups below. I worked on the canvas page of the Dina Wakley Media Journal so you can see all the amazing and gorgeous texture this page leads itself to.

Here is a list of our amazing sponsors - be sure to give them some love by visiting their websites, social media channels and following them. All of theses sponsors have amazing products and we are giving some of those away. Leave comments on each of the video channels in order to be entered to win!

Here is a list of supplies used (mostly in order of their appearance in the video). The only supply I wasn't able to link  to was the Brea Reese Paint Writer in Prussian Blue. I have started including affiliate links for my videos here. Using the links when you see something you like helps me with a teeny tiny kickback directly from the company without changing the price for you at all. It's a small way for you to support my art and my channel. Thank you so much!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

How To Create a Simple Watercolor Butterfly For Mother's Day Card

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a card I watercolored for Mother's Day. This is a special card my mom asked me to create for her mom. I have never watercolored a butterfly before. Heck I don't think I've even really colored  a butterfly stamp before! But I was determined, I mean, my mom doesn't ask a lot from me and she does so much for us. I tried a couple practice butterflies in my semi loose style but they looked (as my hubby put it) childish. LOL So, I thought and thought and then remembered this awesome pack of Tim Holtz Botanical die cuts that has a ton of different butterflies in it. I decided if I can't sketch it, I'm gonna fake it till I make it and trace one of these to at least get the shape on my paper so I can watercolor. It worked awesome!

I absolutely love the way my butterfly turned out and even better my mom loved it. (well, she's my mom so of course she said she loved it. haha) I used my favorite watercolors Daniel Smith - these were nearly my first watercolors I started with and I just keep returning to them even though I keep getting others. The list of colors I used are: Raw Sienna Light, Fuchsite Genuine, Kyanite Genuine, Cobalt Turqouise, Zoisite Genuine, Neutral Tint) You can find the full list of supplies below the video:

I have started including affiliate links for my videos here. Using the links when you see something you like helps me with a teeny tiny kickback without changing the price for you at all. It's a small way for you to support my art and my channel. Thank you so much!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Mixed Media Monday: Crash My Stash Jane Davenport Edition

Welcome to another Mixed Media Monday. For today's video, I drew inspiration from the Our Mixed Media Moods mood board. I'm actually testing out a series idea I have to bring another mixed media video to you guys on Saturdays. I'm calling it Crash My Stash. The stash I crashed today was allllllll this Jane Davenport Mixed Media stuff I had never used specifically her paints and collage paper, gess-oh and matte medium along with her journal that I have barely used. I didn't have time to get it together for this past Saturday so I hopped on Facebook live to kinda talk about my idea and create in my art journal since it had been awhile and I was feeling it...I mean by that is, getting grumpy and irritable which tends to be the effect when I don't make the time to create. I tried to film this normally as I was live but it was a mess as I would forget to turn the camera on or off and then the battery died before I was even finished! Thankfully, I was able to download the footage from my phone and just added it in so I hope you don't mind the different odd and backward angles for parts of this video.

Going forward, I'd like to do a Crash My Stash video every other Saturday with the idea that I pull out little or never used art supplies to create with in my art journals. Maybe some of you can relate, we get all excited to buy new art supplies and then they just SIT there unused in our craft rooms!? (or maybe that's just me. haha) So, I have had all this Jane Davenport Mixed Media stuff just sitting there over a year unused - while I've used her watercolors tons, the paints and other things I bought not so much. It was time to break them out and I think this series will do the same for other unused or little used supplies I have hanging around! ;) Because what good is paint if we don't use actually CAN go bad...ask me how I know. LOL

Here is the video or you can head over to my YouTube Channel to subscribe and watch to process!

I have started including affiliate links for my videos here. Using the links when you see something you like helps me with a teeny tiny kickback without changing the price for you at all. It's a small way for you to support my art and my channel. Thank you so much!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Mixed Media Mania YouTube Hop Mega Winners Announcement!!!

Hi everyone! We are overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by all of your responses to the first ever Mixed Media Mania Hop! That's right, I said first please continue to follow myself and Deedee for an announcement for the next one because this awesomeness deserves an encore! Speaking of DeeDee, I couldn't have done any of this planning, organizing, etc. without her amazingness to counter my hotmessness!! LOL Every day, as more and more of your comments came through it became clear to DeeDee and I that this hop turned out better than we could have ever imagined or hoped for when the idea came to us. The incredible talent and diversity of each artist was absolutely amazing! I learned something new from everyone and I loved how this hop was able to showcase the incredible depth of art that is Mixed Media. Every single artist in this hop has expressed the same over and over as we communicated with each other over the past 2 weeks since the hop began. Honestly, I could go on and on about how amazing this all was, how we are so grateful for each of you that decided to follow our channels and encourage us with your comments BUT we have a HUGE list of winners to announce so let’s get right to it. K, sound good?
Each list has a specific person to contact so please take note of that below.***
Remember our huge list of sponsors? We'll start with those! Omg, I am SO excited!

Sponsor Prize Winners
Winners listed below please email Carisa at with your mailing address.
Blitsy $50 Gift Card chosen from Tiffany Solorio’s video:
Christine Schiaffo - Just beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.  USA
DecoArt Media Starter Kit chosen from Inky Fairy Designs video:
Helen Gullett - Hello from Ohio, USA :) Your mixed media art work is amazing! Thank you for the tutorial.
Ranger Ink Prize Pack chosen from DeeDee Catron’s Video:
Maria Soto - loved your project, love using this resin as a sealer on my projects too, looks like glass when done.
Marabu 1st $50 Prize Package chosen from Fiona Paltridge’s Video:
Joy Hurley-Deluna - You have some amazing left over geli art! I can't wait to get to that level. This was fun to watch and you are so inspiring. I'm loving this hop, I'm finding more talented artists. Love from the USA
Marabu 2nd $50 Prize Package chosen from Blu Kissmycreative’s Video:
Annabelle Avila -Sorry…Annabelle from USA
7 Dots Studio $35 Prize Pack chosen from Shawn Petite’s Video:
Arlene Mraz - Zlooks like the welcome mat is out at #7........WA. USA.......mraz
Thermoweb $25 Gift Certificate chosen from Kraaft Shaak’s Video:
Tina Garry - So pretty...great job. USA
Gel Press Pack of Petites B chosen from Nicole Watson’s Video:
Syanne Bleu - Greetings from NJ. I really enjoyed your tutorial.
Carabelle Studio Prize Package chosen from Jenn Engle’s Video:
Kim Cataldo - HI again from Pennsylvania. Another fun page, love the color!
Amazing Casting Products Clear Resin & Amazing Mold Putty chosen from Bella Rose Creative’s Video:
Chris Pfeifer - So very pretty. Thanks for sharing. (USA)
AALL & Create $25 Gift Certificate chosen from Lynne Forsythe’s Video:
sdcowgirl61 - New subbie here and love your enthusiasm. Love all the layers and colors on your tag. Hugs,Johnna.
Canvas Corp Brands Prize Package chosen from Keri Sallee’s Video:
Heidi Lilley - so very cool, love gelli printing, and have been dying to try it with alcohol inks... I'm in the US.
UmWowStudio Choice of UWS Digital Downloads Winners from each stop:
Winners listed below please contact DeeDee Catron at
Cara Brandon
Julie Harp
Francine Toni
L Cordova
Andrea Braun
Candace Rasmussen
Sue Abell
Happy Happy
Sherry B
Marrianna Dougherty
Fianne V
marjorie williams
Raven Faith Barnett
Cathy Mur
Misty Blueiz
Patricia Vernet
Adriana Marquez
Viva Las VegaStamps $10 Grab Bag Winners from each stop:
Winners listed below please contact DeeDee Catron at with your mailing address.
Karyn S
Cindy Porter-A Scrappe Tiger
Yvonne Drenth
Denise Lush
nikkie van noorden
Dot Murgatroyd
Michael Ann
Nellys Artistic Creations
Koyo Sensebe Arts and Craft! Koyo Sensebe
Stefanie Asmus
Samantha Moran
Marilyn Shannon
wendy baysa
Mary Sewell
Smita Savant
Tara Roberts
elk star
LJ Scraps

Individual YouTube Artist Giveaways:
Please contact each artist individually on their channel to claim your prize.
Ana Bondu Rueda: Sue Abel
Blu Kissmycreative (Sam): Maria's Creative Moments
Inky Fairy Designs: Carol Vargas
DeeDee Catron: Brenda Achter
Heather (Kraaft Shaak): Michele Simons
Irit Landgraf: Yourcustom Scraps
Jamie Lynn Dougherty: Erin Decoste
Mixed Media Jenn: Debbie Bonner
Lynne Forsythe: The Inspired Muse
Nicole Watson Art: Alison Lake, Melinda Sweetman, Nominuek, Tammy VanAntwerp
Shawn Petite: Laura Langley
Tina Walker: Robyn Couillard
Tusia Lech: Mags Woodcock

Congratulations again to all the winners! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you to everyone who watched, liked and followed our channels. We appreciate each and everyone one of you!

***One More Thing: Winners have 2 weeks to contact us for their prizes. M, kay? So, if we haven't heard from you by May 18, 2018 the prize will be forfeited.