Saturday, February 17, 2018

Stamp Stash Saturday: Tiddly Inks, Copics & Kindness really does matter!

Hi Crafty Friends! Today brings you another installment of Stamp Stash Saturday where I normally go into my stack of never used stamps to put one on a card. However, today is a bit different. I was gifted a couple Tiddly Inks digital stamps recently and I wanted to use those instead. I don't know who sent them as it was secret but I can tell you that the day I received the email with the images was one of those rough, exhausting days as a {new again} mom and it just turned my whole day around. It was the simplest, sweetest gesture and the only way I know how to thank the person was to NOT let them be tucked away into my digital stamp stash. :) It just goes to show, kindness, no matter how big or small, make a huge impact on the person. So, when you feel like you want to do something for someone, don't hesitate. You never know, you could just turn someone's entire day around for the better! 

This cutie is called Wryn's Texting. I just absolutely adore her emoji outfit! My girls wanted me to color her hair pink so of course that's what I had to do. They know I love coloring funky hair colors anyway!

Since I was coloring a digital image and I don't like to put watercolor paper in my printer, I am pulling out the Copics for this one! I hope you'll enjoy it all come together in the video.

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