Friday, June 23, 2017

Kids Fun Friday: Lego Stop Motion Video

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Hi everyone! I have a different and fun post I'd love to share with you today - one that I  hope will become a regular feature. My kids love to get crafty - probably more than I do lately and I want to take time each month to share what they've been working on - hence Kids Fun Fridays! 

A few months ago I went to the Snap Conference in Utah. Such a great conference, by the way, if you have a chance to attend one, I highly encourage it! One of the amazing companies that was there was LEGO! I was so excited because my family is slightly obsessed with them (maybe this sounds familiar?!) From my 39 year old husband down to my 4 year old son, LEGO is a familiar sound in this house. Yes, stepping on them is the norm but honestly it is probably one of the best toys for our kids. Not only does it help build fine motor and hand / eye coordination skills but it encourages the imagination. That is the best part. Our oldest two kids are girls and while LEGO Friends didn't come out until 5 years ago, they already had a lasting love of LEGO. However, they do love the more girl sets and were so excited when LEGO graciously sent us two to play with.

My girls, 11 and 10 (left to right in the photo), each got a new set for this post. (Thank you so much, LEGO!) My oldest, Tolla, chose LEGO Friends Emma's Photo Studio  and Teagan chose LEGO Friends Olivia's Creative Lab to build. It is fun to watch my kids build because there is no wrong way. My oldest loves to follow directions and she gets out her new set with the building instructions and goes step by step using the easy to follow picture guide. My youngest, well, she's always marching to her own tune and she never even opens it up but just sets up the box so she can see the picture of how the set looks and starts building. Either way, they both have fun and were thrilled with their new sets. Can you tell?

We homeschool so part of me is always thinking, ok, how can we use this as part of what we're currently learning? We enjoy the Bravewriter Philosophy and since we're working on free writing, I asked my kiddos to write a story using their set that they can turn into a LEGO stop motion video since they love making those on their Ninentendo DS. I was so happy to get such an enthusiastic response. My youngest got started with shooting the stop motion while my oldest wrote the story. This allowed them both to work with their strong points as they communicated with each other during the process. I hope you enjoy their LEGO stop motion movie debut!

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