Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday: Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Hi everyone! I'm back sharing some more watercoloring with you. I'm going to be real with you in this post. These are not photos I would normally share because it was only practice but as I thought about what I wanted to post today, I thought why NOT show you practice sheets, right?! I hardly ever sit down to watercolor without warming up and that's what I'm going to share with you today. Today, I'm working with Daniel Smith Watercolors on Canson Moulin Du Roy Cold Press Watercolor Paper. This is a really nice watercolor paper pad and I love using it for practice.

I'm in love with flowers right now. All the flowers. All the time. I can't get them off  my mind! It's no wonder, florals are everywhere right now in design. Plus, it's spring! I really want paint flowers and there is no better place to start than loose, abstract florals. This page I just started making different marks with my paintbrush, I'm really just testing and seeing what works. My favorite watercolor brushes are the Silver Brush Black Velvet series. I've been using them almost since I first started watercoloring! Today I was working with the Silver Brush Round Size 12 or smaller. I'm trying to create flowers that I've seen and loved. It's a hot mess and there are many fails but I am pushing myself to keep going and once I filled an entire page, I pulled out another one.

Here is practice number two for the day. I'm getting more confident in this one, it's starting to flow better and I'm finding my groove with the water, pigment and my brushes. I'm pretty happy with this one and even posted it on Instagram....that's a pretty good sign. haha Still...more practice is in order. I think I'm ready now to try something I had in my head that I wanted to paint on canvas but before doing that I wanted to try on paper first.

I have had this idea in my mind for awhile and this is kind of a sneak peek of something since, again, this was just a practice run. I wanted to try out my vision first before working on a canvas and I'm so glad I did. By doing this, I was able to rearrange the flowers on my final piece. In looking at what I painted here, I realized I wanted to create three larger focal flowers around the silhouette and then arrange my varying smaller flowers in the white space. I also practiced making pseudo vines around the antlers. I'm so excited to show you the final piece so be sure to keep an eye here for it!

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Lori B said...

I actually LOVE that you're sharing your practice rounds. So often we only see perfect finished works online which can make me intimated to try new products or techniques. Seeing another's process helps me remember to keep practicing!