Monday, March 7, 2016

How To Adhere Vellum To Your Cards

Hi everyone! Vellum is definitely trending in the card making community. I am seeing it everywhere and love using it on my cards to create a sheer, soft layer over my pattern paper or watercolor backgrounds. However, I am asked all the time, what is the best way to adhere vellum because of it's nature you don't want to see any adhesive. Today on the CardMaker Blog, I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to adhere vellum so you don't see ANY adhesive and you don't have to do any strategic embellishing either. To find out my tip along with my process video and full supply list be sure to hop on over to the CardMaker Blog today.

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Sunshine said...

Hi there! I use double sided Jac paper to adhere vellum to my cards. It's simple, quick and easy and you can cut the Jac paper into any size or shape you like.
Have a great weekend:-)
Sunshine, New Zealand