Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday Journal - Mixed Media

Hi everyone! I am taking a class by Donna Downey called Inspiration Wednesday 2015. I fell in love with mixed media while watching her Inspiration Wednesday videos on her YouTube Channel a couple years ago. Although I loved watching her create magic in her journals, I never had the nerve to put paint to paper myself. I missed IW last year and when she announced she was bringing it back, I was stoked. She is offering it as an online workshop - you can find out all the details on her website HERE

I am working in one of her journals but you definitely do not have to, I have just always loved her journals and knew if I was going to take the class, I wanted to do my work in one. Oh, and if you are SEW-crafty, she even has an awesome tutorial so you can make your own!  As these journal pages are a result of her class, I am not going to go into detail on how I created each page but I did want to share my progress throughout the year. The class started in January but as usual, I'm late, not because I didn't have the class then but because my own insecurities stopped me once again from diving in! Well, finally, all that aside, I have the first two weeks finished and here they are. I hope you enjoy!

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Lisa - papergrace said...

I wish I had better words than to tell you how much you inspire me, Carisa. Your art journals are so incredibly beautiful and they show me that by putting these pages out "there" how unafraid you really are.

You blow me away every single day, sweet friend. And I adore you. <3