Monday, July 14, 2014

Back with a fresh design, updates...and some splurges!

Well, it certainly has been awhile - 7 months - since I've posted anything here. Last year was pretty light on blog posts as well. I just needed a break. From blogging. From designing. It wasn't any one thing...but a combination of different factors that led up to my step back from blogging. One of the major factors was this:

The baby
Fab Four
Our fourth child was born on Jun 3, 2013. Our oldest just turned 9 two weeks ago. Perspective. Time. It goes by so fast. The things I let myself define me weren't necessary. 

Simplify. Intentional. Family. Faith. 

Those things became my focus...and in the process, that which felt like a burden became a blessing again - art found me in different ways as I began to purge. I sold more than half of my stash. I sold my copics. *gasp* I did! And I found watercolors. I found paint. I found color in different mediums and I'm excited to share all of that discovery again. 

My old blog design and lengthy name was weighing me down. I created it years ago and it was so busy. Cluttered. I've been wanting a new design for a long time. Reflecting this new me. Simple. Intentional. Soft. I found it at The Wonder Forest. I love her designs - I love her blog. I could never afford a custom design so I browsed the premade designs - which are all so beautiful. I found 3 or maybe 4 that I was hard to narrow it down. But I finally did. And I got in trouble. For spending $$ on something seemingly so frivolous...which it is. I am forgiven. Thank's hard for me to be self save...but I have come a long away from who I was in 2007. I will share that journey one day. Yet, I still find myself slipping. And last week I slipped big time. I bought a blog design and these (the yellow cuff, faith sentiment and shield):

Lenny & Eva Arm Candy

To say I'm obsessed with Lenny & Eva jewelry would be an understatement! I added to my collection this time from Carol and Company as there isn't really anywhere nearby that carries a decent selection. Carol and Company always seems to carry everything and I mean everything. I'd be in trouble if I could physically walk into their store and see this:

Carol and Company L&E Bar
Drool worthy, huh? So, I'm back to blogging. It feels good. I am tentatively...cautiously...excited to be back.

So tell me, have you ever taken a break from blogging, crafting or something you used to love? 

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