Friday, February 22, 2013

Helmar February Challenge using Heidi Swapp Memory File

Hi everyone!
Did you know Helmar has a challenge EVERY single month and YOU have a chance to win an awesome prize package? Yep, this month we have an awesome sketch challenge and I wanted to put it into action with this new memory file folder I got in my Heidi Swapp warehouse package. I had never used them before but I can tell you right now, I want some more! Mine were the bare kind so I covered it with some Heidi Swapp papers and almost everything you see on my project is Heidi Swapp/Pink Paislee supplies and of course it is all held together using my favorite adhesives in the world: Helmar Premium Craft Glue and Helmar 450 Quick Dry!!
Here is the Helmar February Sketch:
Here you can see the inside of my memory file folder and how I used the sketch to display the ultrasound of our 4th baby due in June! We recently found out we're having another boy and I knew I wanted to create a keepsake with his pictures as well as some journaling to remember the day. This was no ordinary ultrasound - my husband lost his job 2 weeks before Christmas and we have been fighting for our cobra coverage ever since. His company was supposed to be paying for the first 2 months of coverage which was running out on February 8th. On February 5th, determined to get this ultrasound as I was already 23 weeks and after about 24 weeks it's a lot harder gets bigger to get all the measurments, etc. as the baby grows and honestly, I just wanted to know everything was ok with our baby.

After hours on the phone, I finally had insurance for 3 days and the only time they had available for an ultrasound was THAT day an hour from my phone call and the place was 45 mins away. LOL This mama was determined so I quickly called my mom to watch our other kiddos and rushed to the appointment. Since I had no way of getting in touch with hubby and I knew he wouldn't be able to come anyway (first time we'd have this ultrasound without being together) I grabbed a note card for the tech to write down the gender of the baby so we could all find out together as a family later that night. I kept that as well and tucked it into a little pocket on the opposite side of the memory folder.

I honestly couldn't believe it as our oldest opened the envelope and read what was on the notecard! I immediately burst into tears of joy as I really had hoped to give our son a little brother. I just know how special that is seeing the special sister bond between our 2  girls. It didn't take long for my hubby to start planning future boys vs. girls water balloon fights and other fun ideas now that as he says "we're even!" He was pretty outnumbered there for a little while. *giggle* We feel incredibly blessed right now and I'm pretty excited to meet this little guy in about 15 weeks or so when he decides it's time!!! Until then though, now that I'm finally feeling normal (I had a rough 1st and 2nd trimester with morning sickness - worst I'd experienced in all 4 pregnancies!) I'm just enjoying these last couple of months together, feeling him jump, kick and get the hiccups!

These ultrasound pictures never cease to amaze me! I loved seeing our little one bouncing around inside me as I was feeling him. In this picture you can clearly see his profile, a little hand above his head (he really likes that position) and his leg. The ultrasound tech kept saying our little guy has some really long legs! LOL Not surprising as my hubby is well over 6 ft tall. ;)

I just wanted to share a close up of how I used the February Helmar Sketch Challenge. I hope you will play along - you can check out all the details HERE!!
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Kate Vickers said...

Great job with the memory file! It's pretty! Congrats on having a boy! :) ...Snips n' Snails and puppy dog tails!

Anonymous said...

carisa thisis wonderful love the colors and your layouts are great...hugs
lizzi that baby pic is quite amazing as well my oldest daughter is 33 weeks and counting!!xo

jamie said...

this is such a great memory file!!!

Crystal said...

This is a beautiful keepsake!!! I am due with my 3rd in June and I also had the US tech write the gender and seal it in an envelope so we could all open it together as a family which we'll finaly be doing this weekend at my sons 2nd birthday party!