Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saturated Canary Challenge No. 8 - Clean and Simple!

It's a new year and we are already on Challenge No. 8 for Saturated Canary!! Can you believe it - week after week you knock our socks off with your beautiful creations with Krista Smiths adorable images. This week, we're challenging you to a Clean & Simple card. As you can see, this is about as Clean and Simple as I can get and there are STILL 3 layers on here NOT counting the twine! *giggle* I adore this ragamuffin called Penelope & Posey. So adorable!! Reminds me of my daughter so much balancing that lil rabbit on her head. See, my daughter has a lovie that is a bunny that she takes with her EVERYWHERE!!! Well, she used to, now all loves must remain home b/c we had too many close calls when she was a baby leaving it at stores and such. LOL Funny how my girls have taken up lovies but my son is just content sucking his thumb - actually I think I AM his lovie. and I'd like to remain so for quite awhile!!! 

Anyhoo, I hope you will join us at Saturated Canary Challenges and you will NOT want to miss a special announcement on Saturday.....just saying' it's gonna be good and a LOT of you will NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!!!

Thanks for stopping by! 



Renee Aslette said...

That is awesome Carisa. I love that stamp and the way you have coloured it!! Very talented.

Jane said...

This is fab Carisa!!
Big hugs Jane xoxo

Danni said...

What a cute card!

Julie said...

Adorable! Such a fun image. I had not seen that stamp line before. Very cute!


Unknown said...

Hi Carisa,
Thanks for your comment on my M4M post. I popped over to "meet you" and have had a lovely time checking out all your great creations.
Alicia xx

Sammi said...

This is so sweet! What a gorgeous card!! Looking forward to hearing your news lol :)

Unknown said...

So sweet!