Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm A Helmar Girl!!!

Oh My Gosh!!! I can finally scream it out loud:


It was just over a week ago when I answered the phone and Tracy Weinzapfel herself was on the other line! Ok, I have to tell you the whole story:

We had just gotten back from a bday party at Chuck E Cheese (not my most favorite place in the world, haha, so I was kinda in a bum mood) and I was checking the phone for messages - I saw "Private Number" on the caller ID and wondered if they left a message. While I was doing that, I realized that I had no dial tone so I said "Hello?" The phone had NOT EVEN RUNG!!!! haha That's when the voice on the other line asked to speak to CarEEsa - hehe, I said, This is Carisa and she said This is Tracy from Helmar and I said Oh My God. haha She laughed and said you know who this is? I said, OF COURSE!!! And then she said the words I honestly never thought in a million years I'd hear: "We'd like to ask you to join our 2011 Design Team" OH MY GAWD!!!! The rest was pretty much a blur!!! I know I said I was excited and couldn't wait and Thank You over and over! I do remember her saying they wouldn't be making the announcement for another week so I couldn't SAY.A.WORD. What, not even a teaser post on facebook!?!?! LOL Does she KNOW how hard that was/is?!? Oh, yeah, she does, 21 other amazing ladies were told the exact same thing! When I hung up, my hubby was looking at me and I screamed and told him what it was all about - I figured I could at least tell HIM! haha

I am SOOOOOO excited to be on this DT and beyond thrilled to be working with so many of my designer IDOLS! You know who you are! ;D Seriously, Dreams.Come.True - Don't give up! If you don't try, you never know, right?! That's what I've learned. Always go for what you want. We have some really fun and exciting things coming up at Helmar - here is a bit of what you can expect from Tracy:

So, that's my BIG news that I've been keeping secret from EVERYONE! haha It's been super hard but I am excited to be working with Helmar and hopefully inspiring you all in the coming months. Again, HUGE thanks to Tracy and Helmar for this amazing opportunity! It's going to be a FUN ride for sure! Have I said how excited I am, yet???



Unknown said...

Congratulations on being a Helmar Hottie. Welcome to the team and I'm so stinkin excited to get to know you better.

again Congrats


Patricia Mae said...

Thats freaking AWESOME and for you not to be able to tease us on FB omg you must have been freaking even more, Congrats!!!! You deserve it!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Totally sharing in your joy and excitement today, girlie! HUGE congrats! Can't wait to work with you and so glad we got to chat today! HUGS!!!!

Unknown said...

congrats girlie:) are super talented, so you deserve it!


Annika said...

yippeeee! Congrats Carisa - you SO totally deserve it!