Monday, January 31, 2011

PaperWorks Co Free For All Monday!

Happy Monday! Can you believe it's the last day of January?! Yikes, time is just flying by - I swear Christmas was just last week, wasn't it?? Today marks my first day as a full time SAHM. I was working from home, but gave my notice 2 weeks ago. It was proving to be too much for me to balance the two, so we decided to try this for while. I'm very excited to be able to spend more time focused on my kids.

Speaking of kids, for my Paperworks Co FFA post, I knew I wanted to make my son some new onesies. He's a chunker and while not yet a year, is already in 12-18 months clothing. I decided to stamp some cute of the adorable PWCO animals and color them with copics. When I got the stamps, I had a design immediately in my head like alphabet cards and took out my Unity frame this alpha stamps to create the text. I absolutely love how it turned out and had to put him in one right away. It's nearly impossible to get him to sit still, but I tried. LOL Sammy the Snake is my favorite.

It's pretty simple to stamp on fabric - For my ink, I used Stampin Up craft ink in chocolate, but Palette inks work wonderful! Then I heat set it with an iron on cotton setting for about 20 seconds. Then I let it cool and color directly on the fabric with Copics. Blending is nearly impossible, but doable. After I'm done, I heat set again with an iron for another 20 seconds. Then I'm done. To wash, you probably want to wash in cold water, but I wash everything in hot water, I wash with the design inside out and have minimal fading.

Supplies used:
Copics: E33, E35, Y38, R85, Y21, Y23, Y11, Y17, E13, E17, R85, YG11, YG17, Y02, Y21, R24
Misc: Gerber Onesies


Anonymous said...

one word..
thanks for sharing! I now know that we have a mini PWCO model! lol

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Hmmm...I received some onesies for Justin colored with Copics and they bled when I washed them (in cold) and got ruined! So I am scared to try it the IRON heat set the key?

Emily Leiphart said...

What a sweetie pie!!! I can't take my eyes off him, Carisa! Oh, and the onesies are cute, too. ;) I love how you used those stamps!

LG said...

Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments in my blog and for always supporting me. You are such a sweet friend. {{HUGS}}

Oh I love those onesis, what a clever idea. Now I just wish I have a newborn. keep your fingers crossed for me