Friday, May 14, 2010

Because I said so, Mom!

I think TGF/CA&F come up with some of the BEST challenges! When I saw their challenge on mother's day to make a card using ONLY elements that your kiddos picked out, I knew we had to jump on it. We finally got to it today and both girls helped pick out the different colors, Teagan's favorite color was green and since she picked out the image, I colored her green. Then Tolla picked out the green & pink papers & the purple flowers. LOL Tolla said she looked sassy and I thought perfect, I'll use that sentiment! It was fun and the girls always love it when they get to craft along side me.
We barely got it posted in time before the deadline but somehow managed to slip it in! I'm keeping my fingers crossed b/c if we win, I'm going to let them each pick out the winning stamps. They will LOVE that as the love it when I come home with new TGF stamps.

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Jacilynn said...

Adorable! I love this sassy image;) I'm gonna try to play along with this one. G always loves when I involve her in my crafting ;)