Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Shower Invitations!!!

Well, my due date (Feb 28) is fast approaching and I finally nailed down a date for my baby shower that my mom is so graciously hosting for me! I knew as soon as I was pregnant that I needed a Pregnant Anya and thankfully she was released a couple months later! LOL So of course, I used Mommy Anya from the Mom and Dad set by TGF. It was quite a daunting task to tackle mass producing these invites, but it was SO worth it in the end. It's going to be quite the keepsake for my son's baby book and if you've ever thought about doing hand stamped invitations but been intimidated by it, my advice is to keep it simple - if you're coloring an image, that's going to be the bulk of your time, followed by cutting all the supplies to put together in sections. These are just front and back cards. So the front has the pretty design and the back has all the information. Much easier than cutting AND folding in my opinion. I colored Anya with Copics and used a variety of DP that was in my stash. I am proud to say that everything used to make these invitations was already in my stash so no new product was purchased. LOL You know how hard that was to do - I was so tempted to go look for just the perfect "it's a boy" paper but just decided to go with the blues/whites/blacks that I already had.
Oh the back has this cute saying I found that I tweaked a little to work for our situation:
There was once a time when we all heard her say,
I'm done, that's it....2 girls, call it a day.
But now that expression, I'm done is in the past
There's gonna be a Baby Boy, will this be the last?
Isn't that adorable! LOL Everyone that knows me knows I was quite content with my two little girls, I remember one girlfriend when I told her exclaim I thought you were done, LOL, cuz we had just talked about a week before I found out and I was all mushy about how wonderful it was with the girls and how I just knew when I held Teagan that our family was complete. haha Little did I know the plan God had in store for us. I'm so excited and so appreciative of this little gift we've been given. I'm excited to see the different dynamic between a son and his mother/father. It's going to be amazing!
I hope you like!


Darsana said...

These look great! I am familliar with the mass productions of invitations as I have done it three times now???? I'm sure they wont be the last three times either. LOL Love the Anya mommy and hope you have a great shower and get that poor boy lots of boy things so he can enjoy himself in the proper way! You are pretty brave though....I don't know if I could raise a boy. I'm so glad I had a girl (even though she has just turned into a TEENAGER) Best wishes to you and your family.

Carisa said...

Thanks Darsana!!! You are super sweet. Believe me, I am beyond nervous about having a boy. LOL