Thursday, February 5, 2009

PTI - It's in the bag challenge

If you haven't heard or seen, check out PTI - they are having a fabulous anniversary party complete with challenges and way cool prizes - like FREE stamps for a year & this challenge to make an altered bag and enter to win a super cool PTI shopping bag with a $100 gift card tucked away in a pocket - now can we all say COOL!!! I knew I wanted to make these treat bags for my girls for Valentine's Day with this DaisyDs treat bag kit my MIL gave me for Christmas. I also used these fabulous Lilly & Billy Sweetheart images my dear Internet friend Dee sent me. Gosh, I love these little stamps. Super cute! You can find them here.

Yes they are 2 and 3 now so I'm starting to incorporate my love of stamping into all the holidays for them. Tolla, most nights as I tuck her into bed says to me, "mommy, are you going to make cards now?" How cute is that? And then in the morning I will leave what I've made on the table for her and I love to hear her praise b/c really, there is nothing like my little 3 yr old running around the house showing everyone the cool card mommy made!! LOL I am looking forward to when they are both a bit older and start to enjoy my hobby with me. Of course, these particular projects will have to be hidden in my closet until Valentine's day!
These two, I made for my niece and nephew. I just couldn't stop making these cute little gift bags!


Sprytebyrd said...

These are adorable!!

Paula said...

What fab little projects! I just love them!

Laura VanVleet said...

These are so adorable, Carisa!! Your girls are going to love them!!

Abi Bundy said...

what great little projects. really cute!!

Merrigrace said...

Very cute! These would be perfect for my students.

Anonymous said...

These are great little projects Carisa!

I so hoped for together time with my daughter too, to share my hobby...She is 21 now and thinks anything to do with stamping is borrrrring! I didn't get any value out of that wench, for sure!!!!